What does it mean when a dog has a cold nose?

three different dog noses in a collage

Your dog's cold, wet nose is a sign of him/her being healthy and you should not be alarmed. This is in no way any type of indication that your dog is ill. It is not uncommon to find your dog or any other pet with a warm dry nose, however, this also does not mean your dog or pet is unhealthy. This could be something simple as they do not lick their nose quite as often as other dogs or they do not secrete as much mucus as other dogs.

On the other hand, there are rare moments when a cold, wet nose in a dog could signify an illness.

Is a warm nose on a dog a sign of illness?

Much like us, our dogs can catch a fever when they're ill. Indications of a fever can consist of a dry and warm nose, red eyes, absence of energy, shivering, and warm ears. Nevertheless, the only sure method to find out if your canine has a fever is to measure their temperature level.

Bear in mind that a dog's typical temperature level is warmer than human beings. While our body temperature level is usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a dog that is healthy will have a temperature level around 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. You must seek advice from your vet if your dog's temperature level is 103 degrees or over or they have other symptoms.

Is a cold nose healthy in a dog?

A cold, damp nose is simply one indication of good health in dogs and cats and must not be thought of as an indicator of your pets overall health. Sometimes you will discover a healthy pet with a dry warm nose. Possibly they do not lick their nose as frequently, or produce as much mucous as they should. On the other hand an ill dog can have a cold, damp nose.

Is a Dog's Hot Nose a Sign of Illness?

A dog can be completely healthy and have a dry, hot nose. The temperature levels of dogs' noses vary everyday, even hour to hour. It is difficult to state precisely why (it might simply be the environment or it might be what they've done recently). Your dog can be actually ill (think of cardiovascular disease or seriously hurt) and have a cold, damp nose.

Are dogs noses wet for scent?

Canine's noses produce a thin layer of mucous that assists to take in or absorb scent chemicals. The liquified aromas are provided to the fragrance and taste receptors (olfactory glands) on the roofing system of their mouths when they lick their noses. A cold damp nose is simply among the reasons that canines have a fantastic capability to spot different fragrances.

Advantages of a wet dog nose

A wet dog nose helps dogs stay cool. Dogs are able to dissipate heat by panting or through their feet and also get cool by keeping their nasal passages wet.

When to see a vet

A dry nose in your dog can mean that they are ill. Monitor your dog's behavior to see if him/her shows any signs of being in pain. There are many ways to tell if your dog is in pain. Look out for the signs below.

Signs your dog is in pain

  • Yelping
  • Grunting
  • Groaning
  • Whimpering
  • Whining
  • Howling
Habit (Daily)
  • Less social interaction
  • Decreas in appetite
  • Sleeping patterns change
  • House training habits change
  • Drinking habits change
Activities (Daily)
  • Difficulty getting up
    • Restlessness
    • Reluctant to move
    • Seeks more affection than usual
    • Trembling or circling
    • Pants excessively when at rest


    The final verdict is that a cold nose on your dog does not mean they are ill. A cold or wet nose is mostly a sign that your dog is healthy.