Can dogs eat cat food? The Truth

cat and dog food

Yes, dogs can eat cat food. However, dogs will not get the necessary nutrients and vitamins to keep them in tip-top shape health-wise if they are only fed cat food.

Why is cat food bad for dogs?

Dogs with delicate stomachs might suffer intestinal upset, illness and diarrhea after consuming cat food. Having stated that, unlike foods including hazardous chemicals such as chocolate, consuming cat food that's been taken from an unwary cat's bowl is extremely not likely to kill kill your.

How to keep your dog from eating cat food?

Firstly, try to make their bowls distinguishable.

To be reasonable to your dog, it might be difficult to differentiate between a bowl loaded with kibble that they usually eat, and a bowl filled with kibble that is not meant for them. Try to make the size and appearance of dog food and cat food be as different as possible. Allow both colors and size to be distinguishable from a distance.

Try to not give your dog any opportunity to eat cat food.

The very best method for keeping your dog from consuming any cat food is to separate your dog and cat when it is feeding time. Keeping them separate will be your best bet.

  • If you have a large dog, put them in a separate room or install a cat flap in the door so your dog can't get through it.
  • If you have a small dog, you can use a baby gate to stop him or her from going anywhere near cat food.
  • When your cat is finished eating, remove the leftover food.
  • Try feeding your cat on high places, such as a dresser, cat tree, bookshelf, or a washing machine.

Nutritional Requirements of Dogs

When you are discussing nutrition for dogs, there are 6 fundamental nutrients that are gone over: protein, water, fat, minerals, carbs, and vitamins. Canines require all 6 of these nutrients, because they are omnivores, however in differing quantities. Cats have various requirements, given that they are from a line of carnivorous predators.

Substantial research has actually been done over the past years to identify what is nutritionally helpful to a dog so that dog food companies have the ability to understand how to create their perfect foods. If your dog food has a AAFCO seal on it, then it follows the suggested standards for creating a well balanced and complete dog food. These standards vary for canines and felines.

Because dietary requirements are based on various life phases, illness, and the weight of a pet, various foods that are created for various pets might have various quantities of the 6 fundamental nutrients in them. This is why feeding your dog food that follows AAFCO standards is the easiest and best thing you can do to offer needed nutrition to your dog.

Different types of cat and dog foods

Canine and feline foods come in a range of various bundles and solutions. Wet or canned food, damp pouches, freeze dried, cooled fresh, dry kibble, and even dehydrated foods are all readily available for your pets.

Which type of food should dogs eat?

three different types of dog food

Many dogs are fed dry kibble that follows AAFCO standards however the growing number of specialized food alternatives has actually drawn some pet owners away from the conventional canine food bags. Many every canine food you see in an pet shop will follow AAFCO standards so as long as you select a food developed for a dog and their particular requirements, you will be supplying correct nutrition unless they have a medical condition needing supplements.

What if my Dog Accidentally Eats Cat Food?

If a dog inadvertently consumes cat food then there is no instant cause for issue. Cat food is not poisonous to dogs, however it is most likely to trigger vomiting or diarrhea. If your pet dog consumes an incredibly big quantity of feline food, bloat is the greatest issue. A Dog's stomach can fill with air and food and trigger bloat, which can be deadly. A puffed up abdominal area and throwing up without anything coming out are indications that your canine might be experiencing bloat. If this is presumed, you should call your vet instantly.

Is it OK to mix cat food with dog food?

Yes, if for some reason you are in a bind and your dog does not have enough food and you have some cat food laying around, it is ok to just once mix. But this should never turn into a habit.


So can a dog eat cat food? They can, because dogs will be dogs. However, they should never be allowed to eat cat food. The nutritional requirements for dogs are way different from those of a cat. Dogs who eat cat food only will not be healthy dogs. The job of a guardian is to give your dog the best possible food to give them the best nutrition available. This job includes keeping away cat food from your dog as much as possible.