6 Reasons why yor dog will go under the bed

dog under bed

Dogs usually go under the bed because they’re interested in the possibilities. Maybe they see what’s happening in our lives as a little too predictable and boring. They hear us leave the house every morning and come back home in the evening. They know what time we go to bed, what time we wake up, even when we take our lunch break. Sometimes, going under the bed can be a way for dogs to experience something new.

Below we will be going over some of the most logical reasons as to why dogs go under the bed.

  1. Dogs are den animals.
  2. Dogs are den animals. They like to have their own space that they feel is safe, and a bed under the bed meets that need. If your dog doesn't have a place she can curl up and sleep in peace, she'll probably choose the underside of your bed for that purpose.

    Dogs need to feel protected, and it's not as simple as just providing them with a safe place to sleep at night. Dogs don't really understand what night is, so if there's an intruder or something scary happens during the day, your dog may want to hide until it goes away. A bed under the bed offers just the right amount of protection from things in the house that might scare her.

    If your dog has been abused or mistreated in any way, spending time under the bed helps her feel safer and more secure. If you've recently adopted a dog from a shelter, chances are good that she's spent some time hiding in odd places because she was afraid of her former owner(s) or other dogs at the shelter. Hiding under the bed provides her with a sense of safety and security until she feels comfortable in her new home.

  3. Your dog is probably using it as a safe zone.
  4. Dogs tend to go to places where they can feel safe and secure, and the under-the-bed space checks all of those boxes. It’s usually a dark, comfortable spot that’s off the ground and out of sight. If your dog has had any negative experiences with people or other pets in the home, this could make him want to hide even more often.

    As a pack animal, your dog will want to be able to observe his surroundings and retreat to safety if he feels threatened. A spot under the bed gives him protection and security. He can see everything going on around him and retreat if he needs to. It’s like an underground bunker for doggy soldiers.

  5. Get away from something they don't like
  6. When your dog has hurt himself, is scared of a loud noise, or just wants a little alone time, he'll head under the bed.

    The same goes for when you're angry or otherwise upset with him. If your pup had an accident in the house, he'll know you won't be happy and will go hide until he thinks you've calmed down.

    He can also hide under the bed to get away from something else that's scary, like thunder or a vacuum cleaner. If there are children in the house who tend to chase him around and bother him all the time, he might take shelter under the bed to avoid them.

  7. They may be feeling ill.
  8. Feeling sick can be scary and uncomfortable, and it’s natural to want to find a safe place to lie down. When your dog is feeling ill, they may go under the bed because it gives them a safe place to rest while they wait out their illness or injury. If your dog is going under the bed frequently or showing other signs of illness as well, you should consult your veterinarian for advice on how best to help them feel better.

  9. They want to hide treats.
  10. If they're lucky enough to get dropped some food by accident, they'll usually go hide it somewhere so they can eat it later, away from prying eyes. They may also bury some food around the house if they know they're going to be left alone for a while.

  11. You have too many people over.
  12. There are so many people in your house! Your dog is a very social animal and wants to be around you all the time, but sometimes the best way to do that is to hide under the bed while you entertain.

    It's not just that there are too many people. When you have friends over, they make so much noise! It's impossible for him to tell what's going on through all that chatter, and he might not like it.

    It's not just that there are too many people. When you have friends over, they make so much noise! It's impossible for him to tell what's going on through all that chatter, and he might not like it.

    He might also be trying to get away from other animals. If your dog isn't fond of your cat or any other pets you may have, he might hide under the bed for a bit of peace and quiet.


There’s something comforting about being under the bed. Dogs can go anywhere, and usually do, but when they feel stressed, most will choose to go under the bed. Perhaps it’s some dogs’ innate reaction to being in shelters that makes them instinctively seek out a space where no one can see them. Or perhaps many of us need a place where we can be alone in order to relax. Whatever the reason, if you find your dog taking refuge under your bed, there’s nothing to fear. It’s just part of his unique personality, and a way for him to escape from it all!