bacon main image

Can Dogs eat bacon?

Hear we will go over whether or not your furry friend can eat celery.

dog eating sausage

Can my dog eat sausage?

Can our dogs eat sausage? We will answer this and many more questions in this post.

cat itching

Can cats get lice

Here we will go over whether or not cats can get lice.

when to spay your cat

When to spay your cat?

The definition of spaying and why we need to spay.

cat with stuffy nose

Stuffy nose in dogs and cats

Do dogs and cats get stuffy nose? This post will go over all the facts.

brown and white colored dog pooping

What To Feed Your Dog When They Have Diarrhea

Dogs get diarrhea just like humans. Here i will go over what to feed your dog during diarrhea and some home remedies that help.

spectrum of color

Do dogs see in color?

The question people always ask. Do dogs see in color or not.


Can chickens eat cauliflower?

Do you want to know if chickens can eat cauliflower? Read this post.

do chickens attack humans

Do chickens attack humans?

Information on whether or not chickens attack humans and what to do if they do.

different colored chicken eggs

Why do chickens lay different colored eggs?

There are some chcikens that lay blue and even greenish colored eggs. This post will go over the reason why these chickens lay these types of eggs.

rabbit eating apples and carrots

What can rabbits eat?

What are the different types of foods that rabbits can eat?


Can dogs eat cheese?

Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat cheese?

cat food

Can dogs eat cat food?

Should dogs be allowed to eat cat food?

cat food

Dog has a cold nose

What to know about a wet or cold dog nose.

adams apple location

Do dogs have adam's apple?

Does your dog have an adam's apple? If they do, what is the purpose? Good or bad?